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LOWONGAN KERJA – Baramulti Group is a prominent Indonesian conglomerate established in 1988, initially focusing on coal trading. Over the years, it has strategically expanded its operations, transforming into a diversified group with a significant presence across the coal industry value chain. Today, Baramulti Group encompasses coal mining, coal trading, transportation and infrastructure, shipment, and mining services.

The cornerstone of Baramulti Group’s business lies in coal mining. They operate mining sites strategically located in East and South Kalimantan, boasting substantial reserves and resources of high-quality coal. Additionally, the group has a presence in South Sumatra, further solidifying its position as a key player in Indonesia’s coal mining landscape.

Beyond extraction, Baramulti Group actively participates in coal trading. They cater to both domestic and international markets, ensuring a steady flow of coal to fulfill the demands of various industries. This integrated approach, encompassing mining and trading, allows Baramulti Group to exercise greater control over the entire coal supply chain, potentially leading to cost optimization and improved efficiency.

Recognizing the importance of logistics in a resource-intensive industry like coal mining, Baramulti Group has invested heavily in transportation and infrastructure. They possess a robust network for transporting coal efficiently, minimizing delays and disruptions. This focus on logistics ensures timely delivery of coal to customers, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Baramulti Group’s commitment extends beyond just coal production and trade. They offer shipment services, ensuring the safe and secure transportation of coal by sea. This comprehensive approach allows the group to manage the entire coal delivery process, from extraction to final destination.

Furthermore, Baramulti Group provides essential mining services. Their expertise encompasses various aspects of the mining process, potentially including mine planning, equipment maintenance, and safety management. By offering these services, Baramulti Group can potentially contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of the mining sector in Indonesia.

Baramulti Group membuka lowongan untuk posisi sebagai berikut:

Fresh Graduate Program (FGP)

  • Fresh Graduate Program – S1/D3 Teknik Elektro
  • Fresh Graduate Program – S1/D3 Teknik Mesin
  • Fresh Graduate Program – S1/D3 Teknik Perkapalan
  • Fresh Graduate Program – S1/D3 Sistem Perkapalan
  • Fresh Graduate Program – S1/D3 Keselamatan Kerja

Fresh Graduate

  • Fresh Graduate – S1/D3 Teknik Industri
  • Fresh Graduate – S1/D3 Umum/Semua Jurusan

Qualifications :

  • Min. Diploma/Bachelor Degree from a reputable university
  • Expert in MS. Office (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint)
  • Have driving license (SIM A) is a plus point
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English is a plus point
  • Resilience, proactive, result oriented, and always curious for improvement
  • Eagerness to learn, collaborate, and share knowledge and experiences across regions and teams

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